Thursday, May 10, 2012

The future of computing

    I fully expect quantum computing to be the future of processing.  However, I see one big uphill battle.

    Among all the problems with classical processors (like double precision rounding errors due to oversight in CPU design), I can only see this getting WORSE in an era of quantum processors.

    The number of "prying eyes", if you will, on the arena of classical processors is rather large; full of many smart and competent people who know their stuff.  And yet we still have problems.

    The number of eyes that will be on the Qubits landscape will necessarily be smaller (as many clever people as there are, they don't all understand the intricacies of quantum mechanics), so I only see these problems getting worse.  (I see a lot more QPU's burning up because they're trying to divide by zero, for instance)

    I'm happy that we now have 128-qubit QPU's, but I fear the inadequacy of human input from being able to take advantage of all that new processing power.

    Your thoughts?  Should we have Qubit Theory 101 classes for College Freshmen?